The “Envirotek Ekolojik Sistemler Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi” was founded in 1983. The company began its first operation by the efforts of newly graduated young enviromental engineers. As the years passed by, with the help of experienced engineers, our company has become an establishment which generates genuine, permanent economical solutions pertaining to sustainable environmental protection in the subject of development.

“Envirotek Ltd. Şti.” has actualized the objective to complete the best and precise works in the implementation of environmental engineering all the time with the samples it has finalized.

At the beginning, the company had been crawling with simple infrastructure projects. But today, “Envirotek Ltd.” is in the position of making plans in every format for industrial and residential facilities, making projects and giving application and operation management services as a dependable solution partner.

Beginning from 1983, “Envirotek Ltd. Şti.” has become number one in its field. It is the fist company founded by the first graduates, it is the first which materialized the refinement projects and implementation, it is the first to become a “çmo” registered company and receive the first approved Project. With this self confidence, our company has been sailing to improvements and innovation.

Melih Cavit Kıpçak
Environmental Engineer