Industrialization which is being improved in the light of scientific and technological developments makes the human life easier on one side, compared to the past years, but the sub structural problems which are being created because of environmental pollution, fast urbanization spoils the ecological balance, and threatens the natural life. It is a reality that the problems which are being created thru industrialization and fast urbanization will be solved by the organizations having environmental engineering formation and using modern technology.

Envirotek Ekolojik Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. was founded in 1983, and began working in this understanding. The working area of our company strictly covers the implementation of environmental engineering. Besides home and industrial wastewater applications, ENVIROTEK produces filtration systems, swimming pools, water supply and transmission, process and using water systems, solid waste control, purifying and mud treatment systems, air pollution control, sound-noise control. Pertaining to the ÇED subjects, the company produces services on survey work, project studies, consulting, implementation, manufacturing, installation and operation works. In addition to the services we give above, we have studies on clean energy sources such as; solar energy and biogas systems.

ENVIROTEK believes that the implementation of environmental technology cannot be applied without having environmental engineering. In the studies without Environmental Impact Assessment (ÇED), accurate decision cannot be made. In addition to the above studies, ENVIROTEK aims to promote and disseminate its thesis.