ENVIROTEK gives a wide range of service to the industrial organizations to solve their wastewater problems. To characterize the industrial wastewater, besides pilot plant and laboratory studies during the production stage, reduces the wastewater and brings in economy to the purifying expenses.

ENVIROTEK gives services to following branches;

  • Paper
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Ceramic, Vitrified
  • Leather
  • Textile
  • Oil and Soap
  • Metal engraving
  • Food
  • Milk
  • Tobacco
  • Butchering winged animals and slaughterhouse
  • Valeks
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Oil treatment, LPG products, Petro chemistry

ENVIROTEK gives services to the organized industrial zones and small industrial plants in addition to individual companies.

Envirotek comes up with permanent solutions for the following;

  • Summer houses
  • Cooperatives
  • Resort Villages
  • Hotels
  • Districts – Municipalities
  • Industrial Organization
  • NATO headquarters and stations

ENVIROTEK constructs installations at the requested size, economical with minimized area – energy and mud problems, shock and noise proof. It provides operation, production and maintenance guarantee.

ENVIROTEK installs water purifying units to meet the water needs of the companies and provides spare parts and gives guarantee for timely maintenance.

  • Reverse Ozmos
  • Filtration
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Water softening
  • Active Carbon